MiR-101 plays an important role in tumorigenesis. The aim of this study was to estimate diagnostic potential of serum miR-101 in bladder cancer.Serum level of miR-101 in 122 bladder cancer patients and 110 healthy volunteers was detected using quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction method. The association between miR-101 expression and clinicopathological characteristic was analyzed via χ test. Then receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve was plotted to evaluate diagnostic value of serum miR-101 in bladder cancer.MiR-101 expression was statistically down-regulated in bladder cancer patients compared to healthy controls. MiR-101 expression was significantly associated with TNM stage (P = .019), pathological grade (P = .006) and lymph node metastasis (P = .010). ROC analysis suggested that miR-101 had high value in discriminating between bladder cancer patients and healthy individuals with an AUC value of 0.884. The cut-off value for serum miR-101 in bladder cancer diagnosis was 1.645, with a sensitivity of 82.0% and a specificity of 80.9%.MiR-101 is decreased in bladder cancer patients, and shows negative association with aggressive clinical characteristics. MiR-101 may serve as a bio-marker in diagnosing bladder cancer.

Medicine. 2019 Jun [Epub]

Xiaoyan Chen