Bladder urothelial carcinoma is a malignant tumor with a high incidence in the uropoietic system. Considerable studies have shown that long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) plays an important role in the development and progression of bladder urothelial carcinoma. In this study, the lncRNA expression and clinical data of 377 bladder urothelial carcinoma patients were obtained from The Cancer Genome Atlas database and differentially expressed lncRNAs in cancer and normal groups were evaluated. Univariate COX and multivariate COX regression analyses of prognosis were performed on differentially expressed lncRNAs in the training data sets, six prognosis-related lncRNAs (LINC02195, LINC01484, LINC01468, SMC2-AS1, AC011298.1, and PTPRD-AS1) were assessed, and a six-lncRNA signature was constructed. The predictive capability of this six-lncRNA signature was validated in the testing data sets and entire data sets. The prognostic ability of the six-lncRNA signature was independent of other clinical elements after multivariate COX regression and stratified analyses of with other clinical elements. We performed functional enrichment analysis with the six prognosis-related lncRNAs. Results of functional enrichment revealed that these prognosis-related lncRNAs might promote the development and metastasis of bladder urothelial carcinoma. In summary, the six-lncRNA signature that we developed could effectively predict the prognosis of bladder urothelial carcinoma patients. This six-lncRNA signature might be a novel independent prognostic marker of bladder urothelial carcinoma. Moreover, it also provides novel insights into the mechanism of bladder urothelial carcinoma.

Journal of cellular biochemistry. 2019 Jul 24 [Epub ahead of print]

Xin Gao, Shufang Zhang, Yinyi Chen, Xiaohong Wen, Mei Chen, Shunlan Wang, Yingai Zhang

Clinical Laboratory, The First People’s Hospital of Huaihua of University of South China, Huaihua, Hunan, China., Central Laboratory, Affiliated Haikou Hospital of Xiangya Medical College, Central South University, Haikou, Hainan, China.