Day 1

Session 1: Molecular biomarkers and novel imaging in APC

  • State of the art on molecular characterization in advanced prostate cancer (Pritchard)
  • Clinical utility of molecular markers (De Bono) 
  • Which men need genetic counselling and/or testing? (Embargoed Until 10/14/19) (Eeles) 
  • Advantages and pitfalls of PSMA PET/CT in APC imaging 
    Advantages (Fanti)
    Pitfalls (Davis)

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Session 2: Node-positive prostate cancer (N1 but M0) Chairs

  • How to treat men with newly diagnosed cN1 cM0: 
    Surgery (Murphy) 
    Radiation therapy (Roach)
    Systemic therapy (James) 
  • Synthesis – How best to treat cN1 prostate cancer (Fizazi) 
  • How to treat men with pathological node positive (pN1, cM0) prostate cancer? (Bossi)

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Session 3: PSA recurrence after radical local therapy and oligometastatic prostate cancer  

  • Management of men with PSA recurrence after radical local radiation therapy (Feng)
  • Management of men with PSA recurrence or persistence after prostatectomy (Evans) 
  • Oligometastatic prostate cancer – Definitions and concepts (Reiter) 
  • Treatment of de novo (synchronous) oligometastatic prostate cancer (Morris) 
  • Treatment of oligorecurrent (metachronous) prostate cancer after local therapy (Ost) 
  • Treatment of oligometastatic and oligoprogressive CRPC) (Small)

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Session 4: Regional care (demographic and environmental factors

  • Ethnicity and prognosis (Logothetis) 
  • Pharmaco-ethnicity and impact on treatment (Poon) 
  • Report and lessons learned from the consensus conference for developing countries (Maluf) 
  • Disparities in prostate cancer management in the U.S. (Morgans) 
  • The ageing population: Oncogeriatric assessment and treatment considerations (O’Sullivan)

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Day 2

Extra Session: Movember 

  • Outcomes Research – Ironman project (Morgans, Davis)

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Session 5: Management of metastatic castration-sensitive/naive prostate cancer 

  • Testosterone measurement – Which test and when? (Gleave) 
  • Local treatment of the primary tumour (RT) in the metastatic situation (Bristow) 
  • Local treatment of the primary tumour (surgery) in the metastatic situation (Steuber) 
  • Which systemic therapy for which patient with newly diagnosed metastatic prostate cancer? (Sweeney) 
  • Addition of AR pathway inhibitors vs. docetaxel: Statisticians’ perspective (Sydes) 
  • Synthesis – Optimal treatment of men with newly diagnosed metastatic prostate cancer (Embargoed Until 10/3/19) (Clarke) 
  • Follow-up on ADT alone vs. ADT “plus” (Oh) 

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Session 6: Management of castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) 

  • Definition and overview of treatment options in nmCRPC (Scher) 
  • Debate: Treatment of nmCRPC 
    Pros (Hussain)
    Cons (Higano)
  • First-line mCRPC after ADT + Docetaxel or AR pathway inhibitor (Taplin) 
  • Subgroup analysis of mCRPC clinical trials (Halabi) 
  • PSMA targeted therapies (Hofman)
  • Immunotherapy (Drake) 
  • PARP inhibition (Chi)
  • Neuroendocrine spectrum: Diagnosis and treatment (Efstathiou) 

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Session 7: Side effects of treatment and their management 

  • Management of sexuality and incontinence issues in APC (Van Oort) 
  • Management of hot flushes (Frydenberg) 
  • Management of metabolic changes (Shore) 
  • Management of fatigue, cognition/dementia (Ryan) 
  • Optimal steroid use with abiraterone (Attard)

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Session 8: Bone and bone metastases 

  • Prevention/Treatment of osteoporosis (Saad) 
  • Debate: Antiresorptive therapy to reduce SRE risk in men with bone-metastatic CRPC
    Only for very select men with CRPC and bone metastases (Parker) 
    For the majority of men with CRPC and bone metastases (Tombal) 
    Synthesis – Best use of antiresorptive therapy in CRPC (Smith)
  •  Radium-223 and bone health agents (Sartor) 
  • The flare phenomenon in bone-metastatic APC (Padhan)i 

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Session 9: The future of APC management 

  • Wishes from a patient’s perspective (Millman)  
  • In locally advanced prostate cancer (Briganti)  
  • In oligometastatic prostate cancer (Beltran)  
  • In polymetastatic prostate cancer (Oh)  
  • In imaging (Fanti)  
  • In biomarkers (Rubin)  
  • Global access to treatments (Fizazi)

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