The EAU, as a scientific European professional medical association with members from across the world, is absolutely against the use of violence in Ukraine. We oppose wars as a means of settling disputes of any kind and hope for a swift and peaceful resolution. We support our Ukrainian members and all of our members who reject the violence being inflicted on Ukraine.

We are in touch with the Ukrainian Urology Association to offer any assistance we can give to ensure continuity of care for their patients. We are ready to help coordinate urological support from surrounding countries. We also support the efforts of international bodies like the UN and the International Red Cross to get medical care to those most in need.

In the meantime, we remain committed to all of our members, and our mission: raising the level of urological care in Europe through training, education and the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

On behalf of the EAU Board,

Prof. Chris Chapple
EAU Secretary General


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