To explore the impact of education and training in international surgical partnerships on outcomes of urethral stricture disease in low- and middle-income countries. To encourage data collection and outcomes assessments to promote evidence-based and safe surgical care.

Qualitative data were collected through observation of a reconstructive surgical workshop held by IVUmed at a host site in Dakar, Senegal. Quantitative data were collected through a retrospective review of 11 years of hospital data to assess surgical outcomes of urethral stricture disease before and after IVUmed started reconstructive workshops at the site.

In the 11-year study period, 569 patients underwent 774 surgical procedures for urethral strictures. The numbers and types of urethroplasty techniques increased after IVUmed started its workshops. The average number of urethroplasties increased from 10 to 18.75/year. There was a statistically significant improvement in the mean success rate of urethroplasties from 12.7% before to 29% after the workshops. Anastomotic urethroplasty success rates doubled from 16.7 to 35.1%, but this was not statistically significant (p = 0.07). The improved success rate was sustained in cases performed without an IVUmed provider.

Urethral stricture disease treatment in low- and middle-income countries is fraught with challenges due to complex presentations and limited subspecialty training. Improper preoperative management, lack of specialty instruments, and suboptimal wound care all contribute to poor outcomes. International surgical groups like IVUmed who employ the “teach-the-teacher” model enhance local practitioner expertise and independence leading to long-term improvements in patient outcomes. Tailoring practice guidelines to the local resource framework and encouraging data collection and outcomes assessment are vital components of providing responsible care and should be encouraged.

World journal of urology. 2019 Jun 08 [Epub ahead of print]

Maahum Haider, Mohamed Jalloh, Jiaqi Yin, Amadou Diallo, Nancy Puttkammer, Serigne Gueye, Lamine Niang, Hunter Wessells, Kurt McCammon

University of Washington, 1959 N.E. Pacific St, Box 356510, Seattle, WA, 98195, USA. ., Hopital General de Grande Yoff, Dakar, Senegal., University of Washington, 1959 N.E. Pacific St, Box 356510, Seattle, WA, 98195, USA., IVUmed, Salt Lake City, USA.