To review the Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons fellowship and matching process. There are currently 20 fellowships offered. A centralized match began in 2013-2014. Fellowship directors and graduated fellows were surveyed regarding their experience in their matching process, fellowship, employment opportunities, and their current practice.

A web-based survey was distributed to fellowship graduates and directors. A total of 20 and 14 open ended and multiple-choice questions were asked, respectively. Multiple choice questions were rated using a Likert scale.

A total of 24/41 (59%) graduated fellows and 14/17 (82%) fellowship directors completed the survey. Overall satisfaction for the application and match process was 4/5 for both groups. Fellow respondents reported a 96%, 92%, 92%, and 88% feeling of competency in urethral reconstruction, male incontinence, urinary diversion/ureteral reconstruction, and male sexual health, respectively. A total of 92% of graduates practice in a location that they consider in their top 3 destinations. The majority, 58%, practice in academia.

The Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons has offered a recognized fellowship since 2014. Recent graduates express positive support of their fellowship training with excellent competency and employment opportunities. Fellowship directors continue to discuss broadening training to further advance this dynamic field.

Urology. 2019 May 25 [Epub ahead of print]

Brittney H Cotta, Kurt A McCammon, Keith Rourke, Daniel Rosenstein, Jill C Buckley

Department of Urology, University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA., Department of Urology Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA., Division of Urology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada., Department of Urology, Kaiser Permanente, San Jose, CA., Department of Urology, University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA. Electronic address: .