Intratumoral genetic heterogeneity and the role of metabolic reprogramming in renal cell carcinoma (RCC) have been extensively documented. However, the distribution of these metabolic changes within the tissue has not been explored. We report on the first-in-human in vivo non-invasive metabolic interrogation of RCC using hyperpolarized carbon-13 (13C) magnetic resonance imaging (HP-MRI) and describe the validation of in vivo lactate metabolic heterogeneity against multi-regional ex vivo mass spectrometry. HP-MRI provides an in vivo assessment of metabolism and provides a novel opportunity to safely and non-invasively assess cancer heterogeneity.

BJR case reports. 2019 Mar 05 [Epub]

Maxine Tran, Arash Latifoltojar, Joana B Neves, Marianthi-Vasiliki Papoutsaki, Fiona Gong, Arnaud Comment, Ana S H Costa, Matthias Glaser, My-Anh Tran-Dang, Soha El Sheikh, Wivijin Piga, Alan Bainbridge, Anna Barnes, Tim Young, Hassan Jeraj, Ramla Awais, Sola Adeleke, Christopher Holt, James O’Callaghan, Frazer Twyman, David Atkinson, Christian Frezza, Erik Årstad, David Gadian, Mark Emberton, Shonit Punwani