Peyronie’s disease is characterized by abnormal healing of the tunica albuginea (TA), resulting in the production of a fibrotic plaque that leads to penile curvature and considerable psychological impact. Precise knowledge of various surgical techniques is of fundamental importance for proper management of the patient.

To compare results (including surgical success on quality of life and sexual satisfaction and complications) between 2 different techniques: with TA incision vs without TA incision.

The search was performed according to PRISMA in PubMed and Embase through September 2018. Key words searched were [“Peyronie” or “Peyronie’s disease” or “penile curvature” or “penile induration”] and [“technique” or “surgery” or “surgical”] and [“quality of life” or “sexual quality of life” or “sexual satisfaction” or “outcome” or “outcomes”].

Thirty-one articles were considered for this review. The main outcomes were reported descriptively.

The most significant results included penile straightening (88.5% vs 70.9% favoring not opening TA), perception of a palpable nodule (13.2% vs 27.4% favoring not opening TA), and loss of sensibility (11% vs 20% favoring not opening TA). Neither a prospective randomized study nor a direct comparison study has been performed for these techniques. There is no consensus among the studies on how to measure results. Subjective criteria were primarily used for evaluation, and there is a paucity of objective tools to quantify the outcomes.

There is no consensus on which technique achieves better results or fewer complications; therefore, the decision on which technique to use is a matter of surgeon preference. Studies comparing distinctive techniques and either opening or not opening the tunica albuginea should be performed to support surgical decision making. In addition, guidelines that could assist in the standardization of criteria should be investigated in future studies, with the aim of better evaluating outcomes. Barbosa, ARG, Takemura LS, Cha JD, et al. Surgical Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease: Systematic Review of Techniques Involving or Not Tunica Albuginea Incision. Sex Med Rev 2019; XX:XXX-XXX.

Sexual medicine reviews. 2019 Sep 27 [Epub ahead of print]

Alan R G Barbosa, Lucas S Takemura, Jonathan D Cha, Arie Carneiro, Gustavo C Lemos, Sidney Glina, Fernando Korkes

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, São Paulo, Brazil., Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, São Paulo, Brazil. Electronic address: .