The aim of this study is to analyse the of expression levels of microRNA-200 family members in patients with metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC). Analysis of microRNA expression was performed on 23 paired DNA samples extracted from kidney tumour tissue and the surrounding normal renal parenchyma. MicroRna-200c was found to have significantly lower expression (in kidney tumour tissue compared to normal renal parenchyma. No other microRna-200 family members showed statistically significant differences in expression levels between tumour and normal kidney tissue. Recent data suggest that the role of microRNA-200c in tumour pathogenesis is rather contradictory, and the underlying mechanisms by which microRNA-200c affects the carcinogenic potential of malignant cells remains unclear and requires further investigation at the molecular level.

Cancer gene therapy. 2019 Nov 04 [Epub ahead of print]

Irina R Gilyazova, Elizaveta A Klimentova, Kirill V Bulygin, Adel A Izmailov, Marina A Bermisheva, Elmira F Galimova, Ruslan I Safiullin, Shamil N Galimov, Valentin N Pavlov, Elsa K Khusnutdinova

Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics, Ufa Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ufa, Russian Federation., Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University), Moscow, Russian Federation. ., Bashkir State Medical University, Ufa, Russian Federation.