The European Association of Urology (EAU) is searching for a new Chairman to lead its EAU Patient Information (PI) department. He/she must have a keen interest in new developments and current trends in patient information, health literacy and patient advocacy.

About EAU PI

EAU PI provides patients clear and reliable information about their disease and care pathway: from diagnosis, treatment to follow-up. EAU PI disseminates this information in various formats through numerous platforms such as its official website, YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

EAU PI develops evidence-based information together with the expertise and support of the EAU PI Working Group1, a team of talented and dedicated urologists, specialist nurses and a uropathologist.

In this role, the PI Chairman will manage, develop and implement projects such as website content, tests and treatment, and animated demonstrative videos.

The EAU PI Chairman:

  • Will become a member of the EAU Patient Office Board
  • Is an ex-officio member of the EAU Patient Advocacy Group (EPAG)2
  • Shall report on a regular basis to the Patient Office Chair and Board
  • Takes overall responsibility
  • Reports to the Executive Committee and Board about the past and future activities
  • Composes/reviews correspondence, articles and reports on a regular basis
  • Guides and collaborates with the Working Group in updating information and prioritising topics
  • Oversees and monitors the production process, timelines and quality
  • Chairs the Working Group meetings and ensures agendas are completed
  • Approves and signs off minutes resulting from meetings
  • Keeps an overview of any potential conflicts of interest and ensures that these cannot (be perceived of) interfere(ring) with any decisions made by the Working Group
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Communicates with the media and assists with promotional activities (e.g. presentation at physical or virtual meetings)
  • Nominates the Working Group members and submits for stratification/approval to the Patient Office Chair and Board
  • Represents the EAU when interacting with industry partners, ensuring the integrity of both the funder and EAU is maintained, according to the EAU Code of Ethics

Qualifications and requirements

  • Must be active in urological practice and as an EAU Member
  • Must be fluent in English (oral and written) with excellent communication skills as he/she will operate in a multicultural environment
  • Must have corporate/board governance experience
  • Should have some knowledge of the EAU structure (e.g. EAU’s Governance, Science, Education and Communication units, EAU Section Office, or have experience as part of an EAU committee, etc.)
  • Must be available to commit a few hours per week (approximately up to 5 hours) to communicate with members of the EAU Executive, EAU Patient Office and staff
  • Must be willing to travel to attend EAU PI Working Group meetings,  EAU Patient Office Board meetings, the National Society’s meeting, and the EAU Annual Congress
  • Must be flexible and able to work under pressure

More specific requirements

  • The Chairman must have a keen interest in current trends and new developments regarding patient information, health literacy, patient advocacy, dissemination and implementation.
  • The Chairman is ultimately responsible for performance assessment of the members of the EAU PI Working Group members. This will include “hiring and firing” of non-compliant or non-functioning members.
  • The Chairman must have the ability to plan ahead and make use of available resources and ensure currency of all PI projects at any given time.
  • The Chairman must be enthusiastic, supportive and innovative. He/she must encourage change and lead by example.

How to apply

Please submit your Curriculum Vitae, a personal Statement of Interest indicating your understanding of the position, and current Disclosure/Conflict of Interest Statement. Please note that an applicant for this position must not have a significant conflict of interest determinable by the Board and Executive during his/her tenure as Chairman.

In addition, the applicants are requested to send in a detailed short-term vision in a timeframe of 3 to 5 years, as well as, their views on the future of EAU PI in the coming decade.

These documents should be forwarded to the EAU Selection Committee via by 03 July 2020.

The Selection Committee will review all applications and select valid candidates by the 10 July 2020. The candidate for this position will be approved and nominated by the Executive Committee. This nomination must be ratified by a majority of votes by the EAU members at voting held at the General Assembly in Milan, Italy.

Further information is provided upon request.


 1EAU PI Working Group

The current Working Group members are:

Chair: Dr. Mark Behrendt – Urologist (NL)

Past Chair: Thorsten Bach (DE)

Dr. Francesco Esperto – Urologist (IT) Female & Functional Urology, Genitourinary Reconstruction, Infections in Urology, Oncological Urology, Robotic Urology, Transplantation in Urology, Urolithiasis, Urological Imaging, Uropathology
Mrs. Louisa Fleur – Specialist nurse (UK) Oncological Urology
Ms. Bente Thoft Jensen – Senior Researcher, Nurse (DK) Oncological Urology
Dr. Laura Mateu – Urologist (ES) Female & Functional Urology, Incontinence, Infections in Urology, Neuro-Urology, Male LUTS, Pelvic Pain
Dr. Sara Tolouee – Urologist (DK) Endourology, Erectile Dysfunction, Female & Functional Urology, General Urology, Genitourinary Reconstruction, Incontinence, Infections in Urology, Laparoscopy, Neuro-Urology, Male LUTS, Oncological Urology
Dr. Sarah Ottenhof – Urologist (NL) Oncological Urology, Penile
Dr. Giulio Patruno – Urologist (IT) Oncological Urology, Prostate cancer
Dr. Selçuk Sarikaya – Urologist (TR) Endourology, Erectile Dysfunction, Female & Functional Urology, General Urology, Incontinence, Urolithiasis, Upper tract benign disease, Andrological Urology
Dr. Marta Sochaj – Urologist (PO) Endourology, Erectile Dysfunction, Female & Functional Urology, General Urology, Infections in Urology, Male LUTS, Urolithiasis, Andrological Urology
Prof. Dr. Yiloren Tanidir – Urologist (TR) Endourology, Female & Functional Urology, General Urology, Genitourinary Reconstruction, Incontinence, Infections in Urology, Laparoscopy, Male LUTS, Paediatric Urology, Robotic Urology, Transplantation in Urology, Trauma, Urolithiasis, Urological Imaging, Upper tract benign disease
Dr. Juan Luís Vasquez – Urologist (DK) Oncological Urology, Bladder cancer
Dr. Ricardo Pereira e Silva – Urologist (PT) Female & Functional Urology, Genitourinary Reconstruction, Incontinence, Neuro-Urology, Male LUTS, Robotic Urology
Dr. Sergio Pereira – Urologist (PT) Laparoscopy, Urolithiasis
Dr. Markus Eckstein – Pathologist (DE) Uropathology


2EAU Patient Advocacy group

The EAU Patient Advocacy Group (EPAG) was established early 2019 to increase and improve patients’ involvement in EAU activities and to further empower patients. The EPAG consists of:

Chair: Prof. Hein van Poppel (BE)

Healthcare professionals:

  • Prof. Hein van Poppel (EAU Executive for Education)
  • Prof. Phil Cornford  (EAU Guidelines Office)
  • Dr. Sara Maclennan (EAU Guidelines Office)
  • Prof. Joan Palou  (EAU Education Office)
  • Mrs. Corinne Tillier (EAUN)
  • Dr. Mark Behrendt (EAU Patient Information)

Patient representatives:

  • Ms. Antonella Cardone (European Cancer Patient Coalition)
  • Mr. Ernst-Günther Carl (EUomo/Male GU Cancers)
  • Mr. John Dowling (EUomo – EUPATI Academy Training Graduate)
  • Assoc. Prof. Rachel Giles (International Kidney Cancer Coalition)
  • Dr. Lydia Makaroff (World Bladder Cancer  Patient Coalition)
  • Dr. Wendy Yared  (Association of European Cancer Leagues)
  • Mrs. June Rogers/Mr. Christiaan Goen (ERN eUROGEN Patient Advisory Group)
  • Ms. Serena Bartezzatti (ERN eUROGEN: Rare urogenital tumours and Functional urogenital conditions – Interstitial Cystitis)

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