With COVID-19 being at the centre of the world medical stage, we see that many urological cancer patients are worried about the consequences of COVID-19 on their treatment. EAU Patient Information is anticipating this global need for accurate and trustworthy information and has started collecting Frequently Asked Questions specific to COVID-19 and patients who have urological cancer.

As a healthcare provider, you are in close contact with cancer patients who probably have many questions about which you don’t always know the answer. Also, from a professional perspective, you might encounter uncertain situations where there are no guidelines or data, yet available to support your decision-making process.

By identifying the most pressing questions, EAU Patient Information aims to find consensus in recommendations in the treatment of urological malignancies and assurance for urological patients. Via the FAQs page on the EAU Patient Information website, you can submit your questions and those of your patients. A multidisciplinary team of medical experts will review all incoming questions on a weekly basis and will publish answers to all these questions when more is known about COVID-19 and how it is affecting people with cancer worldwide.

Once again, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continuing efforts on the medical frontlines and recognise your roles in being an integral part of our urological community. Your contribution, in this project, is vital in responding effectively to urgent patient care needs and we kindly invite you to tell us about the things that concern you right now.

EAU Patient Information believes that an informed person makes safer and smarter decisions. Knowledge is health. We are proud to be working with Astellas Pharma* in this project to help you with the latest information which best serves your needs and those of your patients.

* The webpage editorial content is written independently of the sponsor and judged free of any conflict of interest.

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