— Trial on track to meet prespecified criteria for success on its primary endpoint, with 31% (8/26) disease control rate in evaluable patients in cohorts A and B. Patients eligible for the trial have two consecutive rises in PSA levels indicating initial resistance to abiraterone (Zytiga®)

— Safety demonstrated across all three dose/dose scheduling cohorts, including cohort C with onvansertib dosed over a longer period of time than cohorts A and B (onvansertib on Days 1 – 14 in a 21-day cycle); 2 of 3 patients treated to-date in cohort C achieved primary efficacy endpoint at 12 weeks

— Recent collaborative studies with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Decipher Biosciences suggest that prostate cancer patients with the clinically defined basal molecular tumor subtype may be more likely to respond to onvansertib being added to ongoing abiraterone therapy