The EAU Guidelines Office is looking for a new chairperson to lead the office. Current Guidelines Office chairman Prof. James N’Dow has joined the EAU Executive as Adjunct Secretary General-Elect, awaiting full confirmation at the next General Assembly.

Within the EAU structure, the Guidelines Office belongs to the EAU’s Education offices. The Guidelines Office comprises a number of guidelines panels (17 at the moment) and a Board, composed of 1 chair and a minimum of 5 members. The main activity of the EAU Guidelines Office is updating of existing clinical urological guidelines and the production of new guidelines.

The Chair of the EAU Guidelines Office should have extensive knowledge about all tasks related to the production of evidence-based clinical guidelines (e.g. data identification, selection, assessment, extraction and translation of results into guidelines recommendations).

The Chair should have a keen interest in current and new developments regarding guidelines methodology, including digitalization (computer interpretable guidelines, the role of big data, use of electronic health records and registries) in guidelines development. Any prior experience as a member of a guidelines development team will be helpful. The Chair has a four-year term, once renewable.

Applicants must be an EAU Active Member, and active in the practice of urology. They must be fluent in English (both oral and written) as the official language of the Association is English. The applicant should also have corporate/board governance experience and have basic knowledge of the EAU’s structure.

  • Applications can be sent to the Search and Nomination Committee before March 15th. The full position description, including requirements and instructions on submitting your application can be found here [PDF].

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